Ottawa Valley Winter Bush Tours
To arrange your ChikoTrails winter bush tour in the Ottawa Valley
call the McMillans at (613) 625-2711
RR#1 Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada
Gord McMillan was born near the village of Golden Lake in the Ottawa Valley, and from an early age his passion led him to spend most of his time in the bush.

For more than three decades Gord has made his living in the Ottawa Valley bush, and come to know deeply the life ways of the Valley’s animals and birds, trees, plants and waters, in every season.

He is a man with amazing energy, and a deep love for the bush. Each trail he travels offers him yet another unforgettable true-life bush story that, told with the dry wit so typical of the Valley, will have you in fits. He’d be known locally as a bit of a character, and a good man.

He lives happily in Golden Lake with his wife Beth and his two sons, Chris and Blair, who have inherited his passions.