Ottawa Valley Winter Bush Tours
Requirements: Snowshoes (ensure your boots fit your bindings and that they are in good shape), we do have some snowshoe s available.

Suggested Items: Camera, binoculars, lip gloss, face cream, first aid kit

Suggested Clothing: Long underwear, snow pants, warm socks, toque, mittens, fleece sweater, warm winter jacket, scarf, winter boots

Restrictions: No illegal drugs and no pets please

Food Information: Please specify if you are vegetarian as the bush lunch generally includes meat. Please indicate any allergies.

Level of Difficulty: moderate, requiring reasonable fitness

Deposit: small deposit required, certified bank cheque, non refundable.
Did you know that a Beaver carries a manicure set?

On the back feet there is a split nail on his second toe used to comb its fur so that it does not get matted. If its coat is not kept in tip top shape it will not protect the beaver from the cold and it will prevent him from moving easily through the water. This grooming is crucial to ensure its survival!
To arrange your ChikoTrails winter bush tour in the Ottawa Valley
call the McMillans at (613) 625-2711
RR#1 Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada