Let an experienced Canadian bushman take you through remote regions of Ontario’s spectacularly beautiful Ottawa Valley.

Winter is the best time to learn a little of the Canadian bush and the animals who call it home. In the cold clear light every paw print, broken twig and murmur of the wind is a wilderness story to be learned.

Scores of beaver ponds and the creeks that join them will become a thousand stories when you see them with eyes guided by thirty years of  Gord McMillan’s bush wanderings.

Ideal for nature lovers, students, photographers, animal trackers, birdwatchers, an inspiration for poets, painters and writers, and redemption for anyone worn by the city.

Ottawa Valley Winter Bush Tours
To arrange your ChikoTrails winter bush tour in the Ottawa Valley
call the McMillans at (613) 625-2711
RR#1 Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada